12 Volt DC Motors

When you are looking for powerful electrical motors, then you should turn to a DC motor to power your engine through a simple battery. There are several variations of DC motors available in the market today. Elreg Distributors offers powerful and dependable 12v DC motors, built by only the finest companies in the industry today. Whether you require Hydraulic Pumps, Lift Gates, Permanent Magnets, Salters, Snow Plows, or Winch motors we provide them!

DC Motors
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At our online store, you will find a vast selection of standard and custom 12v DC motors. Search for your preferred 12v DC motors, each customized in terms of gates, horsepower, shaft diameter, hydraulic specifics, RPM, casing, amps and more. We provide top-of-the-line, original manufacturer parts, 12v DC motors and we would not have it any other way.

Complete Line of Elreg Distributors' 12 Volt DC Motors

Elreg Motor Categories:

  • 12v DC Motors - Lift Gate Motors
  • 12v DC Motors - Hydraulic Pumps
  • 12v DC Motors - Salter
  • 12v DC Motors - Snow Plow
  • 12v DC Motors - Winch
  • 12v DC Motors - Permanent Magnet

Note: All motors come in 12 and 24 Volt.

How important is efficiency regarding the daily rigors your motor endures? It is extremely important and reliability is paramount. We have made a statement by providing 12v DC motors that other distribution companies cannot offer. The parts used to construct our 12v DC motors are exclusive and guaranteed to facilitate the constant movement of energy to permit the engine to work efficiently and consistently.

Many suppliers claim that 12v DC motors duplicating Elreg's models will work equally well, but we sell only the most reliable brands. We understand that safety and trust in a business supplier is important and we deliver the best parts at a reasonable price. 12v DC motors have been one of our specialties for years. We assure you our brands will provide you with a DC motor that is dependable, durable, and will meet your company's requirements for motors for heavy duty commercial vehicles and equipment including lift gates, hydraulic pumps and lift gates.