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Buy only the best quality alternators and generators for guaranteed reliability. Our line of Delco Remy 50 DN alternator parts and 50 DN generators parts is manufactured to the highest standards. As a member of the Delco-Remy Distributors Council, we are pleased to be a licensed distributor of these parts. We have continued to expand our stock of Delco Remy parts to satisfy our customers and we are now a major carrier of the Delco 50DN line.


At Elreg, we know it is important that your 50DN alternators and 50DN generators provide the high output that you require. We provide the component parts to keep your generator running at top performance.

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You can order standard inventory and specialty alternators and generators from Elreg. But, why should you choose the 50DN line from Delco-Remy?

  • High quality, dependable parts
  • Complete units
  • Repair kits
  • Pulleys
  • Individual component parts
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Related Parts

We also offer a full range of parts for industrial, commercial vehicles, cars and trucks. Your alternators and generators are designed to work at top performance, but if you are having any sort of electrical problems, we can help.

In addition to 50DN alternators and generators, we offer a wide range of electrical control components. Instead of having to replace an entire motor or invest in expensive components, try out our voltage regulators and DC converters

Our voltage regulators are designed to automatically maintain a stable voltage. Our line of regulators, some from Delco-Remy, are compatible with 50DN alternators and 50DN generators. Our inventory ranges from 12 to 48 volts. All are ISO compliant.

Our DC converters are also designed to help regulate your electrical system. They are an ideal solution for working with older engines instead of replacing them. Our converters work with Delco Remy 50DN generators and alternators and can act as voltage reducers. These products feature epoxy-sealed circuitry, and also feature automatic reset and thermal shut-down features.

So, don't forget to order the best parts today from Elreg Distributors. We sell the best! Buy Delco Remy 50DN Alternators and 50DN Generators from us.

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