Aerial Lift & Material Handling


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Complete Units

DC Motors

Complete Units
Complete Units

Elreg Distributors has a large inventory of products chosen specifically for the Aerial Lift & Material Handling equipment industry, including:

Alternators - from Delco, Denso, Ford, Letrika/Iskra, Lucas, Mando, Mitsubishi, and Prestolite

DC Motors - from Prestolite, Scott Motor, Ohio Motors, and Letrika / Iskra

Startersfrom Bosch, Delco, Denso, Elreg, Ford, John Deer, Letrika/Iskra, Lucas, Mitsubishi, and Valeo


We stand behind our brands for Aerial Lift and Material Handling equipment

We’ve chosen the best brands of Alternators, DC Motors, Starters, and Circulator Pumps for Aerial Lift or Material Handling Equipment because they offer great reliability and durability.  These manufacturers have built a reputation for providing parts that will stand up to harsh conditions, daily strain and heavy duty use.

We have spent the last 30 years building solid relationships with these well known manufacturers, allowing us to provide you great knowledge, great service, and affordable prices. 

Contact us today to inquire about a part or place an order for your equipment needs.