New Products For 2017

Firstly, everyone here at Elreg Distributors would like to thank you for a wonderful year in 2016, and we wish you all the very best in 2017.

This New Year is expected to be the best for new industrial products for all your alternator and starter needs.

Here are a few that we recommend.

Electrodyne GE104-32

ge104-32-3d-300-500x500The Electrodyne alternator line is well-known for its long life and dependability.

Since the 32 volt electrical systems are rare, finding an alternator for one of these systems can be difficult.

Not anymore.

The Electrodyne GE104-32 is an alternator with various features to increase your productivity.

  • 100 amps output at 3,550 rpm (rotor speed)
  • Internal adjustable, self-exciting regulator, which can be modified for Ignition Excite or can be set up to operate with an External Regulator
  • Regulator preset voltage range: 37.5 – 38.0 volts DC
  • Isolated Ground is standard but can also be modified for Negative, Positive, or External Ground
  • Bi-directional Rotation
  • 0” Hinge (J-180 Mount)

Delco Remy 39MT

Thlg_19011529-500x500e 39MT from Delco Remy is a gear reduction starter that is ideal for heavy duty truck fleets and off highway applications.

One of the great features of this starter is its Over-Crank Protection, which works to protect the starter in adverse starting conditions such as cold-weather cranking and lower battery capacity.

Another great feature to note is the Delco Remy 39MT cranks up to 30% faster than the competition.

More features that make this gear reduction starter one of the best:

  • Rotatable flange design for improved service flexibility and part number consolidation
  • Electrical soft start, reducing wear-and-tear and minimizes tooth abutment
  • Two-sided chamfer, providing smooth and reliable engagement and reduced wear on ring gear
  • Optimum spline and planetary gear ratio, both features work together to ensure the vehicle starts every time

Denso PowerEdge

denso-products-alternator-200x200The Denso PowerEdge alternator exceeds expectations and consistently performs at higher amperage levels.

Committed to continuous improvement, the Denso PowerEdge is a product with a variety of features to keep you running year-round.

  • Superior efficiency providing reduced fuel consumption and mileage savings
  • Exceptional durability, reducing replacement intervals and costs
  • Higher amps at idle
  • Remote sense features, which prolong the battery life and reduce replacement costs
  • Compact size and lighter weight, improving fuel savings and ease of installation

View all of our complete units and component parts from Denso here.

Why Are You Looking For A New Alternator?

ebook-pg-1If the reason you are looking for a new alternator is because you are having alternator problems, maybe the quick fix is for you to take a deeper look into your existing alternators.

Before you buy, learn a little more about your alternator and what the problem could be. If it’s an easy fix, you can save money by following the tips and advice in our free eBook.

This free eBook, The Repository of Alternator Knowledge, will help you diagnose your alternator-related problems and guide you through taking the appropriate course of action to correct it.

Want To Learn More?

Elreg Distributors has spent over three decades building solid relationships with these well-known manufacturers, allowing us to provide you with great knowledge, great service, and affordable prices on the alternators and starters you need to succeed.

If you would like to learn more about the mentioned products, or if you need assistance finding the right industrial equipment for your commercial needs, give us a call.