Download Your Free eBook, The Repository of Alternator Knowledge

Sudden alternator problems may be easy to diagnose. Other times, the signs of a failing alternator are more subtle:

  • The engine turns over slowly or not at all.
  • The vehicle’s headlamps are dim and do not brighten when you rev the engine.
  • The charging meter is below 12V or above 14.5V or a charging system warning light is lit.
  • An engine belt is squealing or you smell burning rubber.
  • Rattling or whining sounds from within the engine compartment that change with engine speed.

The free eBook you can download here, The Repository of Alternator Knowledge, will help you diagnose your alternator-related problem and take the appropriate course of action to correct it.

At Elreg, we know alternators. And as part of our commitment to offer service beyond the industry standard, we want to share as much of our knowledge with you as we can.

Just about everything you need to know about alternators can be found in this free eBook. So if you’re having a problem with some of your industrial equipment or just want to brush up on your education, fill in the form on this page and receive your link to download this valuable resource.

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