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Look for a High Amp Alternator for Your EMS Vehicles

If you operate EMS, fire or ambulance vehicles then you will want to look into purchasing a high amp alternator.  Emergency vehicles require very large amounts of power in order to operate the many electrical devices that are onboard.

High Power Alternators Provide the Ultimate in Power

High power alternators are a great choice for heavy duty vehicles that use large amounts of power on a daily basis.  Your ambulance, fire or EMS vehicle will likely be in a situation requiring it to idle for a period of time drawing lots of power from the alternator and battery.  A high power alternator will allow your vehicle to run smoothly and reliably without losing power when you need it. 

A High Output Alternator Will Ensure Your Vehicle Runs Reliably

When you have a high output alternator you can rest assured that your emergency vehicle will run smoothly.  When lives are on the line you can't take the risk of equipping your vehicle with low performance parts. At Elreg Distributors, we specialize in offering high quality, brand name parts for your emergency vehicles, including:

Whether you need an alternator, starter or primer pump motor these brand name manufacturers have earned a reputation for offering only high quality, reliable parts that you can depend on.  Contact us today to place a special order or discuss your vehicle needs with an Elreg representative. Whether you are looking for a high amp alternator or complete starter kit we will help you find the right part.