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High Quality OEM Iskra Alternators from Elreg Distributors

It is very important to make sure that your alternator can stand up to the demands of your equipment and the environment that you are operating in. So how can you guarantee that this will happen? By working with one of the leading authorities regarding the use of alternators and starters on heavy duty and industrial equipment – Elreg Distributors. Iskra is just one of many OEM brands that Elreg supplies to ensure we have a starter in inventory for virtually every piece of equipment in the industry.


Iskra is located in Slovenia approximately 90km west of the capital city Ljubljana. They were established in 1960 and rapidly grew into foreign markets becoming the international enterprise that they are today. They manufacture starters and alternators for tractors, construction machinery, and commercial vehicles.

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Iskra is well known for its dependability on agricultural equipment. They have dust proof alternators available to ensure that your alternator does not get plugged up and overheat causing it to eventually fail.

Industrial Equipment is where Iskra alternators are used on things like backhoes, telescopic lifts, haulers, tractors, excavators, compressors, generators, loaders, combines, motor graders, steer loaders, skid steers, lifts, & crawlers to name but a few.

Elreg Distributors Ltd can also help you find alternators manufactured by other OEM's as Elreg is also an authorized distributor for Denso, Mitsubishi 12V, Mitsubishi 24V, Bosch 12V, Bosch 24V, Lucas, Delco, Prestolite, Leece-Neville, & Nikko.

Elreg has an alternator for virtually every heavy duty application there is. Whether it is for Industrial Equipment, Construction Equipment, Mining Equipment, Trucking, Transit or Large Coach Buses, Fire Engines you name it, Elreg can supply it to you. There is nothing more costly than having that piece of equipment or machinery down because you can't keep the batteries charged. Let Elreg be the one to keep you running. Whether you have a 12-volt, 24-volt, 36-volt or 48-volt system, Elreg will have the alternator for you.

When you purchase an Iskra Alternator from Elreg you are purchasing a 100% 'New' - not repaired or rebuilt alternator! You don't have to worry about returning the core and whether the core is good or not so that you get your credit. You don't have to worry about the cost of freight to return the core - 'New' means no more hassles!

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