Snow Plow, Salter + Lift Gate

DC Motors

Complete Units
Complete Units

Looking for Winch Motors? We Have the Parts You Need

Whether you are looking for winch motors, DC motors or continuous and intermittent duty switches, at Elreg Distributors Ltd. we can help you find the right part, for an affordable price.  We have parts for snow plows (including Fisher snow plows) salters and lift gates as well as heavy duty industrial vehicles and equipment. 

We offer continuous and intermittent duty switches that are:

  • 6 volt
  • 12 volt
  • 24 volt
  • 36 volt

We always recommend that you consider brand name parts for your snow plows, salters and lift gates.  Parts like a winch motor from a well known manufacturer will be made from quality materials and as a result you can rest assured that it will perform reliably in the harshest of conditions. 

When you operate heavy duty equipment such as a snow plow you know that you will be driving in harsh weather conditions, where the roads are slippery and dangerous.  You need to be able to rely on your vehicles and equipment in such situations to ensure that they will operate as required without breaking down or having mechanical problems.  Equipping your vehicle with brand name parts will help you ensure that it will run reliably in the toughest situations.

At Elreg Distributors Ltd. we have been working with well known, quality manufacturers for 30+ years.  We are proud to have developed relationships with manufacturers that have allowed us to offer our clients brand name parts.  Contact us today to place an order, inquire about a part or to learn more about the brand name products we offer. Whether you need winch motors or continuous and intermittent duty switches we provide you with quality parts at affordable prices.