Benefits of a Brushless Alternator


The alternator in your vehicle or machinery has an extremely important job to do. Without it, your battery wouldn’t be able to do its job correctly. At Leece-Neville, innovation is key, and that’s why they designed an alternator that is lighter, stronger and lasts longer than standard alternators.

What makes the IdlePro Extreme Series Alternator Stand Out? 

Utilizing an innovative brushless design, the IdlePro Extreme series combines cutting-edge technology with specifications that are made to handle the electrical demands of the vehicles on the road today.

This alternator enhances electrical systems and engine performance, which extends battery life, while also increasing vehicle uptime.

Applications of the IdlePro Extreme Series 

The IdlePro Extreme brushless alternator is best-in-class, and is optimal when used for:

Features and Benefits of the IdlePro Extreme Series

Auxiliary draft cooling design –It has a special fan and front housing design that helps control the temperature and keeps it 10 degrees cooler than standard designs. 

Improved output at low-engine speeds – Provides highly-efficient and battery saving performance. This is obtained by maintaining a minimum 90% output of the unit’s rated maximum output during engine idle.

Premium brushless design – The unique design offers performance that is best-in-class, without having the bulky size and weight that conventional alternators have.

Duel cable terminals (B+/B-) positioned laterally and axially – An added design feature that extends the coverage and convenience of this style of alternator.

Remote sense capable – This feature enables the battery to return to a full state of charge between vehicle stops. It also reduces battery charge time overall.

Isolated ground technology – This technology allows a few things to happen. It reduces stray voltage currents that travel through the engine. It also reduces the wear on components and eliminates potentially severe electrolytic damage.

Premium heavy-duty design – This model of alternator is designed to last. It’s e-coated for superior corrosion resistance and has a heavy-duty housing design that helps to improve performance in common extreme operating environments.

Additional Specifications

  • Outputs – 12V: 220-; 240-; 280-; 325-; 350-; 420-Amp
  • System voltage – 12V and 24V
  • Temperature rating – -40*C to 125*C
  • Diodes – 12
  • Lamp driver – High or low side driver
  • Mounting – J180 Hinge Mount or pad mount
  • Rotation – Clockwise


  • 220 to 350-amp, 39 lbs.
  • 420-amp, 40 lbs.


  • Truck applications – 3-year/ 350,000 miles
  • School bus applications – 3-year/ Unlimited miles

Thinking About the IdlePro Extreme Brushless Alternator?

If you have questions about this best-in-class alternator, or any other alternators we offer,  reach out to us at Elreg Distributors.