C. E. Niehoff Company Profile

Elreg Distributors has partnered with C.E. Niehoff for many years and we are proud to carry their products for many reasons, one being their quality reputation. Niehoff alternators are known for their high-efficiency and fuel-saving features that make them the premier choice for demanding industries.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of Niehoff alternators and other products that may be useful to your job and business.

Air Cooled and Brushless Alternators

If you have an engine, you have an alternator. Alternators are, in fact, key to the operation of their engine, transmitting and transforming energy. Alternators can be air-cooled or, if you’re operating large engines, a brushless alternator can get you the power you need with less energy usage.

Out of everything in the Niehoff catalogue, their alternators are most known and relied upon. If you operate in a volatile environment, the brushless alternator provides you with the reliability you need. There’s no internal arching and less fuel use, even where high output is required.

Both their brushless and air-cooled alternators have stationary field coils. This means there’s no need for slip rings or brushes, which saves you from replacing these parts as they wear. Only the bearing experiences mechanical wear. The result is an alternator that works harder, longer, and more efficiently.

See more in the Niehoff parts catalogue.

Industries C. E. Niehoff Serves

Neihoff serves a wide range of industries that are very demanding on their equipment, including:

Neihoff serves several other niche industries that require top-of-the-line durable equipment. Niehoff alternators have a wide range of industry-specific features. In particular, Niehoff alternators are resistant to corrosion, dust, chaff and other debris, which is especially useful in military operations.

We prefer to supply Neihoff alternators because they are capable of handling these extreme environments. We want to provide you, our customer, with the reliable equipment you need in any industry.

Troubleshooting Guides & Warranty

You can find trouble shooting guides for Niehoff products on their website and on ours. You can also find standard and specific warranty information.

The standard Niehoff warranty for alternators is 12 months, or 1,500 hours of operation if the vehicle is off-highway, or 50,000 miles if the vehicle is used on highway. This ample warranty ensures that you get a lot of life out of your investment.

In order to maintain the warranty, you do have to maintain the alternator as per Niehoff’s instructions and prevent your operator from abusing the machine. These are best practices you’d want to follow anyway.

Want to learn more about C.E. Niehoff or explore other company profiles? Reach out to us at Elreg Distributors to discuss which brand provides the best equipment for you.