Delco Remy 39MT Starter Application Changes

The starter for the GHG14 (DD13/15/16) engine must not be used on GHG17 (DD13/15/16) engines and vice versa. Using the incorrect starter and ring gear combination will cause irreparable damage and require both to be replaced.

The starter pinion is the only change in the new model compared to the previous models years, but they are not interchangeable. Mixing motor and engine parts will result in starter motor and engine ring gear damage.

The 39MT starters will be labeled with the correct engine application for quick identification. These labels will be applied to both the starter and box. The starter housing will have one of two different colored labels, and the box will have a corresponding label alongside the part number label.

Note: Starters already manufactured and currently in circulation will not be retroactively labeled, so be sure to verify the starter is the correct one for the engine:

  1. For use on 2015 or older DD13/15/16 engines with 160 tooth ring gear only – any other use will damage unit.
  2. For use with 2016 or newer DD13/15/16 engines with 150 tooth ring gear only – any other use will damage unit.

Distinguishing between GHG17 and GHG14 Parts

Volvo/Mack Applications

The 39MT part number 8200417 is no longer available. It has been replaced by part number 8201100, as the older model will not fit on model year 2013 and newer Mack MP8 or Volvo D13 engines. The new replacement part number will work in place of part number 8200417.

Please ensure future orders for part number 8200417 have been changed to 8201100 to prevent delays in processing your order.

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