Eliminate Belt Failure on Transit Buses with One Simple Upgrade

OADs™ Now Available for Transit Bus Applications

Overrunning alternator decouplers (OADs ™) are becoming the design of choice for many modern applications.


  • Reduce belt slippage during rapid acceleration or deceleration.
  • Reduce stress on the drive belt and the accessories it drives.
  • Reduce belt flutter & noise.
  • Increase alternator life.
  • Increase belt drive life.
  • Increase tensioner life & bearing life on all accessories.

For the first time ever, OADs™ are available to deal with unique transit issues, where idle time, low rpm operation and 1-2 shifting are common engine stressors leading to belt breaking, belt noise, tensioner breaking, and high repair rates.

Litens is the global leader in OAD™ pulleys, and the Monster OAD™ is its newest offering for the transit industry.

The difference this alternator pulley/decoupler will make in your transit fleet is staggering. See for yourself:

How does an OAD™ make your life better?

The same way it makes life easier for 140 million other users around the world, including every major vehicle manufacturer from Ford to GM, John Deer and Mercedes.

Increased torsional vibration and alternator inertia causes:

  • High dynamic belt tension fluctuation.
  • High tensioner wear.
  • High belt noise.
  • High in-vehicle vibration.
  • Noise at start, stop or gear shifting.
  • Steering wheel shudder.
  • Premature wear on all accessory drive components.

In short, it causes discomfort for operators and robs your bottom line of valuable operating cash.

The Litens Monster OAD™ gives you that cash back, keeping your budget lean and improving your performance as fleet manager.

Avoid disruption to passengers.

One of the major issues caused by torsional vibration is belt flipping or even belt derailment or loss.

Belt flipping causes premature damage to the drive belt, making it necessary to replace the drive belt as often as every two months – a huge waste of resources.

Derailment or belt loss on the road means an expensive tow, passenger disruption and more. The Litens Monster OAD™ massively increases your fleet’s resistance to these belt issues.

If your fleet experiences any of the following, OADs™ will make your job a lot easier.

  • Belt breaking.
  • Belt hop or derailment.
  • Belt squeal between 1-2 shift.
  • Short belt tensioner life.
  • Short belt life.
  • High belt temperature.
  • Premature bearing failure of front end accessory drive components.
  • Torsional vibration across the front end accessory drive system (FEAD).
  • Complete belt disengagement resulting in roadside service.

Install Monster OADs™ quickly and easily to extend your belt life by a factor of three, double the life of your belt tensioners, reduce your overall FEAD system maintenance and keep your vehicles from breaking down due to belt issues.

These are the first pulleys of this kind available for transit applications and soon every transit provider will use them.

Be an early adopter and get your fleet ahead of the curve.

Call today to find the right part number for your fleet and price out your upgrade.