Highest Output Alternators Available – 24 Volt Systems

24 Volt high output alternators are required on vehicles and equipment with heavy electrical demands. Compare your options here.

Why do you need a High Output Alternator?

OEM’s (original equipment manufacturer) spec alternators based on the load demands that they calculate will be required on the vehicle or equipment that they are manufacturing. Modifications to a vehicle such as adding electrical equipment or electronics may require the alternator to be upgraded to one with higher output.

The following is a short guide to three of the highest output alternators available at 24 volts.

What Makes a High Output Alternator?

“High Output” simply refers to the amperage that an alternator puts out at a specific voltage. A 550amp alternator has higher output than a 450amp alternator. Alternators available for 24volt systems typically tap out at 500 to 600 amps. There is nothing currently used in the market that has higher output than this.

Comparing alternators before purchasing them is vital to finding the right one for your specific needs. Mount type, output at engine idle, isolated or chassis ground, self or ignition excite, remote or internal regulator are all things that need to be considered when making a decision.

Almott 550AMP 24VOLT Alternator

Of the three alternators we’re featuring for comparison, the Almott 550AMP 24 Volt Air-Cooled Cradle Mount Alternator has the highest output and efficiency ratings. Frequently, this high output component is used on transit buses and motor coaches due to many of its advanced features:

  • Higher Output @ engine idle = 375 amps
  • High Efficiency over 85.0%
  • Low Inertia Advantage = longer bearing life
  • Turn on speed = 1,060 rpm
  • Isolated Ground
  • 2 Year Warranty

Luxury electrical components that make long distance travel on a coach or bus comfortable and pleasant depend on the output of the alternator. Many of these components require electricity and a high-quality alternator is needed to ensure the vehicle gets from point A to point B with everything working.

Niehoff 525AMP 28VOLT Alternator

Like Almott’s alternator, Niehoff’s 28 Volt 525AMP Alternator offering works well with transit buses and highway coaches. Its cradle mount unit also makes it compatible with most major industrial engine manufacturers, which positions it as a good fit for heavy duty industrial work as well.

Its high efficiency makes it ideal for industrial work because high efficiency leads to lower internal temperature. Niehoff’s alternator is known for its longevity. Also, because its efficient design requires less engine power, you will save on fuel consumption.

Prestolite 24VOLT 600AMP Hinge Mount Alternator

The 24 Volt 600AMP Hinge Mount Alternator from Prestolite is appropriate for marine, military and industrial applications. In contrast to the others, this alternator has a hinge mount verus the typical cradle mount.

This alternator has been designed to work in extreme environmental conditions such as those on marine vessels exposed to the damaging effects of salt air. Here is a list of standards that this alternator is manufactured to:

  • Performance – SAE J56 6.1.2
  • Electrical Characteristics – Mil Std. 1275D
  • EMC – Mil Std. 461F
  • Vibration – SAE J1455
  • Salt Mist – Def Stan 00-35
  • IP Dust Test – SAE J1455
  • Water Test – Prestolite Test
  • Endurance – Prestolite Test

Considering these factors, it’s important to invest in an alternator that will best meet these demands and keep the vehicle and equipment you depend on working.

Choosing the Right High Output Alternator

Deciding on the right high output alternator mainly depends on what application you will be using it for so its worth doing some additional background research on all of the products available. We hope this comparison gives you clearer idea of what makes a high output alternator and what benefits they may bring to your applications.

For more information on high output alternators or additional rotating electrical product needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Elreg Distributors anytime.