Hydraulic Bearing Service Tooling Kit – By TWR

Extending the life of your fleet alternators is one of the best ways to improve efficiency, output and save money.

The Alternator provides the electrical needs of the vehicle while it is running and keeps the battery properly charged. Some symptoms of a malfunctioning alternator/generator:

  • Slow-cranking condition after the vehicle has been in operation
  • The vehicle’s charge light remains on while in operation
  • Stalled or ‘dead’ engine
  • Poor electrical accessory operation at low speeds

Performing service on an alternator typically involves removing the old alternator and inspecting the alternator mounting bracket and hardware.

Elreg is pleased to announce we have a new hydraulic bearing service kit in stock.

The Hydraulic Bearing Service Tooling Kit is created by TWR to service P450 and Almott 25AT alternators.

This tooling kit includes:

  1. A hydraulic puller with foot pump and line
  2. A rotor puller
  3. A support fixture for front bearing install and front cover install
  4. A front bearing removal tool
  5. A rear bearing install tool
  6. A blown bearing tool
  7. A lifting tool
  8. A support plate with reassembling fixture and
  9. A pulley removal tool

Elreg Tooling Kit

Get your hydraulic bearing tooling kit today. See the instructional PDF.

Consider the Almott 25AT-450 for your fleet!

With a unique design and innovative construction, the Almott 25AT-450 delivers the performance, efficiency, and reliability you demand.

It’s a sound choice that’s also guaranteed to deliver a superior return on investment.

For more information, contact us with your questions or comments. You can also request a FREE quote or give us a call at 1-800-387-4078. We have them in stock and ready for you!


Watch this video to see the Hydraulic Bearing Service Tooling Kit in action: