New High Efficiency Almott Alternators | Save on Fuel for Your Transit Bus Fleet

The annual fuel expense for a transit bus operating with a competitor 450 alternator is about $4,886.95.

Transit buses using the Almott 25AT-450-3, which we now carry, save about $306 per year.

This assumes:

  • Buses operating 4,000 hours each year.
  • Fuel prices around $2.42/gallon (USD).
  • A typical urban city transit schedule.
  • An average electrical load of 180 amps.

You can save thousands of dollars in your fleet over the long term by investing in Almott alternators today.

Alternators impact fuel efficiency?

Electrical power on a vehicle isn’t free. It comes as a direct result of consuming fuel in the engine to drive the alternator.

A typical alternator generates electricity at a cost about 4 times greater than your household electricity rate. Fuel costs are going nowhere but up, so pushing for greater efficiency from your alternator is a wise investment of time and resources.

Where does efficiency come from?

Alternators with greater efficiency ratings are more effective at limiting or eliminating loss.

An alternator essentially takes chemical energy (gas) and turns it into electrical energy. Energy loss occurs at several stages of the conversion process. Design, materials and engineering can whittle that loss down.

Almott alternators seek to intelligently reduce:

  • Electrical loss.
  • Magnetic loss.
  • Mechanical loss.

What you need to know about the Almott 25AT-450-3.

The newest addition to our Almott offerings is the 25AT-450-3.

Transit bus alternators
Your fleet is ready to go.

Here’s what you need to know about this alternator:

  • Output at 2,000 rpm = 320 amps.
  • Efficiency is more than 85%.
  • Turn on speed = 1,080 rpm.
  • Isolated ground.
  • Remote regulator.
  • Weight = 56kg.
  • 2 year warranty.

Almott alternators are designed for maximum efficiency in municipal transit buses and highway coaches.

Save thousands in fuel costs by upgrading your fleet today.