Alternators Are NOT Battery Chargers

Alternators are designed to maintain a batteries charge while supplying the vehicle with sufficient power to run all of the various electrical accessories. Alternators are NOT designed to recharge completely discharged batteries. Before installing a new alternator the battery(s) should be tested and fully charged with a “Battery Charger”.  Ensuring that your battery(s) are healthy … Continue reading Alternators Are NOT Battery Chargers

Delco-Remy Eliminates 50DN Front Seal Leaks

Delco Remy has developed a new drive-end frame and seal kit to modify all belt driven 50DN alternators. Elreg is pleased to make this upgrade available to all of their customers. Part number 10524488 is the complete kit which includes the drive-end frame and seal assembly.

Elreg Uses Huco Electronics

Elreg’s T1 alternators are manufactured using Huco rectifiers. These two parts supplied by this OEM German manufacturer ensure that the electronics will not fail and that the alternator will continue to perform in the toughest environment.  Did you know that these Huco parts come with a 5-year warranty?  Not even Bosch offers this kind of warranty!