Reduce Road Side Service Calls with these Two Parts

Part of working well is working well together. Using parts that compliment each other reduces road side service calls and removes unnecessary cost and frustration.

This post spotlights two parts we’ve previously covered, the Monster OAD™ Decoupler Pulley and the Almott 25AT Series Alternator, and focuses on how they work better together.

The Monster OAD™ Decoupler Pulley

The Litens OAD™ was designed specifically for buses and was given a vote of confidence by Cummins North America when they recommended it for all bus production as of November 2018.

The design reduces wear on the vehicle’s drive system. Not only does this reduce the likelihood of premature engine failure, it also helps with expensive maintenance costs.

Torsional Vibration

This OAD (Overrunning Alternator Decoupler) works with your alternator by eliminating some of the effects of torsional vibration. Torsional vibration causes excess movement of the belt tensioner and this impacts the durability of all the components within the belt drive system, including your alternator.

The Litens OAD™ is unique because of a patented spring that absorbs torsional vibration. This spring allows the OAD to operate as a suspension system for your alternator, prolonging its life.

Overrun Function

Another way the Litens OAD™ protects alternators is through its overrun function. This function brings the alternator to a slow, gentle stop when the engine shuts off, eliminating shutdown noises. It also works during tran