Why Businesses Prefer Denso Starters According to Experts

Denso starters are some of the most reliable heavy-duty starters on the market. Here, we give the reasons why.

Reason 1: Denso Starters are Time-Tested

Denso has over 6 decades of experience supplying premium electrical components to automakers, businesses, municipalities, utilities and other industries.

The original Denso gear-reduction starter is actually recognized as the industry benchmark, designed so intelligently that it can be easily adapted to use in the harsh engine conditions of Formula 1 racing.

Reason 2: Lowest return rates in the industry

Denso remanufactured starters are put through the most rigorous test and replacement routine in the industry, resulting in the lowest return rates in the aftermarket industry.

  •  Armatures and field coils are high voltage tested.
  • Commutators are refinished and performance validated.
  • Terminals are replaced with high-quality copper components.
  • Fasteners are replaced with high-quality copper components.
  • Starters are exactingly bench tested to ensure factory performance.

Reason 3: Tremendous value

Remanufactured components offer incredible value to buyers, and by recycling valuable parts and precious raw materials to be reused, they’re the environmentally responsible choice too.

What else do we do?

  • The solenoid coil is 100% voltage tested.
  • Terminal bolts are fully re-plated with copper.
  • Housings are retapped to OE standards and damage checked for heat warping, corrosion or improper surface alignment, then refinished.
  • The pinion gear is inspected and replaced if needed, to meet engineering specifications.
  • The field coil is inspected, stripped, and high voltage tested.

The high voltage tested armature and field coils ensure reliable performance, while the premium copper terminals ensure a clean source of electrical current.

This all comes together to produce maximum cranking torque under all conditions, and a size-and-weight class leading starter designed to start in all weather conditions, regardless of extreme heat or cold.

So why do businesses with hard-working vehicles prefer Denso starters?

Because Denso starters are the most reliable, best value, longest lasting starters available.

They’re used in:

  • City buses and highway coaches.
  • Heavy-duty industrial equipment, from small-scale landscaping to subdivision development.
  • Emergency vehicles, like fire trucks and ambulances.
  • School buses.
  • Commercial trucking and refrigeration.
  • And so much more.

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