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Elreg Distributors specializes in providing customers with high quality, brand name alternators and starters from manufacturers at affordable prices.

We work alongside manufacturers in the aftermarket to provide you with reliable, brand name parts for your heavy duty equipment and vehicle requirements.

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Variety of Quality Industrial & Commercial Equipment

When you need a quality alternator and starter, we can provide you with the products you need for your equipment or vehicle.
Throughout the years, we have seen the growing demand for heavy-duty industrial equipment, coach/transit buses and larger on and off road vehicles.

As a result, Elreg Distributors has centered its focus on expanding parts and services to customers servicing these industries.

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Elreg is committed to providing the highest quality industrial equipment to nearly every industry out there.

To learn more about the Elreg equipment we distribute, and how we became the leader in supplying alternators and starters to international markets, contact us today.