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Product Description

Air Cooled

Eliminates the need for an oil or water circulation system. No possibility of leaks, no hoses, and no waste heat transferred to the engine.

High Efficiency

High Efficiency means lower internal alternator operating temperature, resulting in longer alternator life. Less engine power needed to produce electric power means more engine power available for other needs.

Unique Brushless Construction

Elimination of rotating windings, brushes and slip rings yields durability, extends service life, eliminates arcing and reduces electromagnetic interference. (EMI)

Long Life Bearings

Special bearings system designed for extended service life in hot engine compartments.

Conformal Coating

Protects regulator and rectifier against damage from vibration and corrosion.

High Temperature Insulation and Coating

Increases durability in hot engine compartments; seals out moisture and protects against corrosion.

Regulator Features*

Model has R and D+ terminals to supply status to vehicle monitoring system.

Soft start protection

Overvoltage protection

Smart regulators

High reliability “Military Style” connectors

100% protected

Regulator: A2-141 External

Product Details