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Product Description

  • Air Cooled – Eliminates the need for an oil circulation system. No possibility of oil leaks, no hoses, and no waste heat transferred to the engine.
  • High Efficiency – Means lower internal alternator operating temperature, resulting in longer alternator life. Less engine power needed to produce electric power means more engine power available for other needs
  • Unique Brushless Construction – Elimination of rotating windings, brushes and slip rings yields durability, extends service life, eliminates arcing and reduces electromagnetic interference. (EMI)
  • Long Life Bearings – Feature high temperature grease and are heat stabilized for extended service life in hot engine compartments
  • Conformal Coating – Protects regulator and rectifier against damage from vibration and corrosion.
  • High Temperature Insulation and Coating – Increases durability in hot engine compartments, seals out moisture and protects against corrosion.
  • Mounting Configuration: J180 4″ Hinge
  • Regulator: A2-146 (External)

Product Details

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