Part Number: PX-8 BCK

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Product Description

The PX-8 BCK conversion kit allows you to convert your existing oil-cooled Delco 50DN Alternator into an air-cooled version. It can be used for converting either a 12volt or 24volt unit. In addition to the PX-8 BCK conversion kit and depending on the condition of your 50DN core you will most likely also require a new stator – Part #410-7335NF(24volt), 410-7300NF(12volt).

The PennTex PX-8 series alternators are the most economical way to replace the oil-cooled Delco 50DN with an air-cooled alternative. The benefits of replacing the 50DN with this PennTex unit:

  • Mounting configuration is identical to the Delco 50DN and it is a drop-in replacement.
  • Utilizes the same electronics and external Delco regulator part #10503805(24volt), 10503807(12volt)
  • The existing pulley on your 50DN will fit on the splined rotor shaft of the Penntex unit.
  • Eliminates the potential for oil-leaks and associated maintenance costs.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Includes an oil line cap kit to cap off your existing oil lines that were going to your 50DN.

If you prefer not to invest the time, do not have experienced technicians, or do not have the facility to convert your Delco 50DN into a PennTex unit we can offer you brand new pre-assembled units:

  • PX-833 – 24volt 330amp Alternator.
  • PX-833-12V – 12volt 330amp Alternator.

Here are the components included in the PX-8 BCK kit:

  • Drive end frame
  • Fan shroud, Cooling fan & mounting hardware
  • High-temperature bearings
  • Stator assembly plugs
  • Rectifier end frame with rectifier brackets(3)
  • Outer DE bearing retainer & mounting screws
  • Rear cover plate & mounting hardware
  • Oil line cap kit
  • Insulator & accessory kit
  • Hardware kit

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1117167, 1117707, 1117708, 1117799, 1117852, 1117853, 1117863, 1117864, 1117878, 1117879, 10459123

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