Part Number: PX-833

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Product Description

The PennTex PX-833 is the most economical way to replace the oil-cooled Delco 50DN with an air-cooled alternative. The benefits of replacing the 50DN with this PennTex unit:

  • Mounting configuration is identical to the Delco 50DN so this PX-833 is a drop-in replacement.
  • Utilizes the same electronics and external Delco regulator part #10503805.
  • The existing pulley on your 50DN will fit on the splined rotor shaft of the Penntex unit.
  • Eliminates the potential for oil-leaks and associated maintenance costs.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Includes an oil line cap kit to cap off your existing oil lines that were going to your 50DN.
  • 24volts, 330 amps total output with 230 amps at engine idle.

If you prefer not to invest into a completely brand new alternator such as the PX-833 and would prefer to convert your existing alternator into an air-cooled PennTex PX-833 you can do so by purchasing the PX-8 BCK conversion kit. In addition to the PX-8 BCK and depending on the condition of your 50DN core you will most likely require a new stator – Part #410-7335NF.

We also have a PX-833-12V which is a 12 volt version available for Coaches running on a 12 volt system instead of the more popular 24volt system.

Product Details

Used on

FOR T07-2919 INSTALL 12-GROOVE PULLEY #402-23518219. FOR T07-2920 INSTALL 10-GROOVE PULLEY #402-3895448.


DELCO: 1117167, 1117707, 1117708, 1117799, 1117852, 1117853, 1117863, 1117864, 1117878, 1117879, 10459123, T07-2919, T072919, T07-2920, T072920
DELSTAR: 100-30201, 100-30207, 100-30209, 100-30210, 10030201, 10030207, 10030209, 10030210

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