12 Volt DC Motors

Are you looking to improve the life and performing capabilities of your vehicles? The addition of a 12 Volt DC motor will provide the power and response that you expect. Add quality parts from names like DC, Delco, and Prestolite; and, ensure that your commercial vehicle line is maintained in peak performance allowing you to compete more effectively in your business sector. Make an immediate change in your engine parts and get dramatic results today heavy duty, commercial 12 Volt DC motors.

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Elreg Proudly Supplies the Following Industries

  • Heavy Duty Industrial
  • Transit Bus & Highway Coach
  • EMS/Fire/Ambulance
  • School Bus/Shuttle Bus
  • Commercial Trucking & Refrigeration
  • Other Commercial Lines – Search and Find Out If We Serve Yours!

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Reliable DC Motor Performance

Whether you are heading a commercial trucking line or own a fleet of busses, your business needs dependable vehicles and parts to thrive. Elreg is your direct source for all quality automotive parts, starters, motors, alternators, and chargers. Get the reliable parts that your fleet vehicles need in order to run at peak performance.

Are you ready to see a dramatic change within your commercial line but aren’t sure where to start? Speaking with a professionally trained expert at Elreg Distributors is the first step in bringing your commercial line to a higher level reliability. Our technical representatives have years of experience working with high-powered engines, commercial and industrial vehicles, and we are ready to provide the engine parts your company requires for optimal performance.

Elreg Distributors, located in Ontario, Canada, is one of the largest and most reliable suppliers of high quality starters, alternators, and various component parts. All Elreg parts are 100% brand new, original manufacturer’s parts or OEM parts. We do on occassion sell refurbished parts upon availabilty and per your request. Elreg Distributors partners with only the best names in automobile parts, like Leece-Neville, Delco- Remy, Iskra, and offers you the premium products.

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