High Output Alternators

Elreg has the highest output alternators available in the marketplace.Whether it is High Output Alternator or High Amperage Alternator for a Fishing Boat, Transit/Coach Bus, Fire Engine, EMS Vehicle, Hybrid Bus, School Bus, or Industrial Equipment Elreg has it available to you.Whether 12, 24, 36, or 48 volt High Amp Alternator, Elreg will be able to supply you with your requirements. Elreg is the OEM distributor for these high-output alternators whether they are manufactured by Prestolite Leece-Neville, C.E.Niehoff, Delco-Remy, or EMP.

If you are in the need of a new replacement alternator for your fishing boat or other Marine application Elreg has two 32-volt High Amperage Alternator Models to choose from – one produces 115 amps and the other 200 amps.For 12 and 24 volt High Amperage Alternator units ranging from 200 amps all the way to 320 amps, please take a look at Elreg’s Leece-Neville High Output Alternator s options. It takes lots of power to keep all the electronics and lights going on those EMS vehicles and fire trucks. You need something that is reliable and going to give you all the power requirements that you could possibly need.

For these special applications
Elreg recommends the Niehoff 290 amp brushless A1- 608 High Amperage Alternator, or the Prestolite 200 to 320 amp High-Output Alternator series, or the new Delco 40SI High-Output Alternator series. There are so many choices and viable options available to you so please contact Elreg to find the most reliable and economical high amperage alternator that will keep your emergency vehicle ready to go at all times. Buses are being equipped with more and more electronics putting more of a strain on the electrical charging systems and alternators.Elreg offers many options and can supply a replacement alternator for every bus on the road.

Elreg is a specialist in this area and is able to supply you with Bosch T1 High-Output Alternators brand-new alternators or kits & component parts to rebuild them. Elreg has 25 years experience with the Delco 50DN high amperage alternator and is able to supply 50DN Units, 50DN kits, 50DN component parts, & 50DN PULLEYS. If you want to get away from the oil-cooled 50DN high amperage alternator and convert it to an air-cooled unit Elreg sells the Penntex PX-833 conversion kits as well as the complete units. C.E.Niehoff is being fitted on more and more busses especially as a result of all of the new Hybrids that are now on the road and Elreg is an authorized Niehoff distributor.

EMP has their new ‘Power-450’ – a 450 amp high-output alternator unit that is proving to be one of the most powerful units in the market and Elreg is a distributor for EMP. Do you have one of those British Dennis double-decker buses?Well Elreg has the replacement high output alternator for you!

School buses carry the most precious cargo that there is. Elreg can supply you with the alternator that you need to ensure that your child’s bus stays running to ensure that you child arrives home safely in even the most adverse weather conditions. Delco has introduced the new 28SI which is a high-output, compact alternator with internal fans that will fit in virtually any school bus application – economically.

Whether you’re into mining, forestry, excavating, paving, construction, or farming to name but a few, Elreg has the High Output Alternator to keep your batteries charged and your equipment running. Whether you need Denso High Output Alternators, Mitsubishi High Amperage Alternators, Bosch High Amp Alternators, Delco High Amperage Alternators, Prestolite High Output Alternators or Leece-Neville High Output Alternators, Elreg can supply you with OEM brand or aftermarket alternatives – You make the choice! You don’t have to compromise.
Typically the more amps that you need the more it costs.At Elreg we will help you to determine what your requirements are and guide you to ensure that you are not paying for more than you need.It’s great to have all of that high-output but what’s the point and why pay for it if you don’t need it and are never going to use it.

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