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Cranking an engine efficiently requires extreme and dependable power conversion from the energy stored in the battery, switched into motor windings that deliver thousands of watts of mechanical power to rotate the engine. A clean and efficient start minimizes exhaust emissions and is friendly to the environment, whether it is an 18-horsepower garden tractor, a passenger car, or a 12,000 horsepower diesel engine in a locomotive or ocean-going ship.This is where reliability comes into play, and if you decide a Rebuilt Starter is the best option for you, we can guarantee satisfaction.

ELREG offers the best in quality Rebuilt Starters.

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ELREG offers rebuilt starters from Delco-Remy in many different sizes and models. The models include: 28MT through 50MT and in various degrees and positions. What also comes with the product is a repair kit should there be a malfunction with the starter. Delco-Remy products are chosen by over 250 manufacturers of automotive, marine, truck, agriculture and construction vehicles and various auxiliary power units. Their 50MT starters are heavy duty cranking motors for large engines. They come in 12 to 64V, with single and tandem mounting, with and without over-crank protection.

The primary application of Delco Remy Starter is mining/construction equipment, power generation sets, heavy load trucks, and special equipment. Delco Remy 50MT Starter have over 100 part numbers suited for various applications. 42MT is the standard for performance and durability in heavy duty applications. This starter  is ideal for on/off road vehicles using large diesel and gasoline engines. These Delco Remy starters are used widely on various mining equipment, earthmoving equipment, construction equipment, drilling rigs, trucks and specialized commercial vehicles. The 42MT is found on equipment made by Cummins, Caterpillar, Komatsu, Mack and BEML among others.

ELREG specializes in rebuilt starters since they started their venture in 1980. Now, one of the most reputable and respected suppliers, ELREG provides Rebuilt Starters for all sorts of vehicles. Whether it’s Trucks, SUV’s, Marine Vehicles, Tractors, or more, ELREG has the Rebuilt Starter for you! The Rebuilt Starters are guaranteed for quality and lists names, models, and part numbers for each product as well as brief descriptions and power ratings.