Starter Alternator Parts

Looking to rebuild a commercial, industrial or automotive starter or alternator?

Elreg Distributors has the perfect solution for starter alternator parts! We stock rebuilt kits for top starting and charging equipment on the market. We specialize in heavy duty or industrial parts that other distributors don’t carry.

Buy Starter Alternator Parts for Your Rebuilding Process!

Component Parts:


Voltage Regulators – options include 12 & 24V, slip ring “A” circuit, Voltage set points, terminal options.

Top Brands including:
Bosch, Delco, Ford, Lucas, Hitachi, Leece Neville, Nippodenso, Chrysler

Rectifiers & Diode Trios – options include 25 amp-160 amp rectifiers, up to 200v, positive or negative assembly.

Top Brands Including:

  • Rebuilt Kits
  • Complete Units
  • Alternators
  • Starters

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Elreg Distributors Ltd. provides alternator parts for many different types of industries. Some industries that use our Starter Alternator parts include:

  • EMS/Fire & Ambulance
  • School / Shuttle Buses
  • Aerial Lift & Material Handling
  • Automotive
  • Industrial

Quality Performance Starter Alternator Parts

Our Starter Alternator Parts are of highest quality and dependability. They are manufactured to withstand rough conditions also including heavy duty usage. You can find Starter Alternator Parts for every type or model that we offer in our catalog area. Elreg makes it easy and convenient for our clients to find the necessary parts for our alternators.

Some of the brand names that we offer Starter Alternator Parts for include Delco, Lucas, Nikko/Komatsu, and Prestolite. While using such brand names quality Starter Alternator Parts are available thru Elreg for replacement.

Purchase Brand name Starter Alternator Parts! Different Models & Big Selection!

High amp voltage can be expected in our Starter Alternator Parts. These parts will deliver optimum performance when replacing OEM parts. Efficiency in usage ensures that voltage has been regulated evenly without excess power use.

Rebuilding old Alternators has Never Been Easier

Rebuilding your existing alternator has never been easier! Our Elreg Starter Alternator Parts also include reliable brushes, bearings, brush holders with brushes, regulators, and rectifiers. You will not experience a dull moment in performance while using our replacement parts. Many top automobile and truck manufacturers heavily rely on our Starter Alternator Parts.

Need Starter Alternator Parts for an Alternator? Elreg provides quality replacement parts for any alternator. Look no further!

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