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Elreg Distributors supplies fleet managers and mechanics wholesale products including alternator and starter parts from the top manufacturers on the market with discount pricing. We reward bulk ordering with preferred vendor pricing that allows for a greater margin on resale or lower operation costs for fleet managers.

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Fleet Managers:

Placing a bulk order, scheduling maintenance, or adding new equipment? Elreg operators are trained to quote wholesale pricing at the lowest possible price.

Competitive pricing has been a key component in providing quality starting and charging parts. Elreg Distributors continues to lead the comptetition by supplying our customers with quality starting and charging parts. One of our operators can help answer your questions. Contact us today for further information!

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EMS / Ambulance Trucks – in any industry where high performance is demanded from your engine’s starting and charging parts, you’ll soon see failures from original equipment. Large municipalities and private ambulance services will see huge savings not paying retail for replacement electrical parts. Search our parts list.

Transit / Buses – putting thousands of miles on your fleet will cause frequent replacement pf starters amd alternators. Wholesale pricing on your replacement parts will save you money that you can spend on other maintenance. Keep your fleet on its feet! Order extra starters and alternators for backup.

Commercial Trucking / Refrigeration – Find the best inventory of heavy duty parts, starters and alternators online for your diesel & gas engines or refrigeration equipment. Call for expedited shipping or help with part compatibility questions. Our technicians can quickly give you OEM replacement parts or after market part numbers and pricing so you can get back to work.

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