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We Provide Quality Brand Name Parts like the Delco 50DN Alternator

At Elreg Distributors Ltd. we are proud to provide our customers with a variety of quality, brand name parts like the Delco 50DN alternator for their Transit & Bus Fleets.  We provide a number of bus alternators and heavy duty coach alternators from many reputable manufacturers, including:

Whether you are looking for a Bosch T1, Niehoff C-706, Delco 50DN or any other bus alternator our specialists have the experience and knowledge to help you find the right part for your vehicle. We recommend that you use a reputable, brand name manufacturer that is known for producing parts that are durable and reliable.

Success in the transit bus and highway coach business depends on providing safe, reliable and timely service for your customers and in order to do this you need to ensure you have quality parts and perform regular maintenance on your vehicles. Quality parts will go a long way in improving your vehicle's performance.

At Elreg we have built solid relationships with a number of quality manufacturers over time and this allows us to provide you with affordable prices and up to date product specifications. Contact us today to talk to our qualified specialists about the products we offer.

We work alongside manufacturers in the aftermarket in order to provide you with the parts you need for affordable prices. Whether you are looking for a heavy duty brushless alternator or a high output heavy duty alternator we can help you find the specialty part you need for an affordable price. Contact us today to place your special order or to learn more about the brand name products we offer such as the Delco 50DN alternator.