Heavy Duty C.E. Niehoff Alternators

Elreg is a C.E. Niehoff factory authorized distributor.

C.E. Niehoff’s heavy duty brushless, high efficiency alternators service the transportation, industrial, rail, mining, and fire apparatus markets.

Changing The Way You Work

C.E. Niehoff’s alternators are designed with the most demanding applications in mind, to minimize your downtime and maximize your operating efficiencies.

Models are customized for niche markets with a wide range of output capabilities and a variety of market specific features.

Serving A Wide Variety Of Industries

C.E. Niehoff alternators are designed to withstand corrosive agents of the agriculture, construction, marine, and mining environments.

Elreg distributes hazardous location alternator applications (Class 1, Division 1, CSA) and service parts supporting the repair and service of CEN heavy duty brushless products are also available.

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Elreg is committed to providing the highest quality industrial equipment.

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