Almott Alternators for Commercial Vehicles

Almott engineers and manufactures a line of purpose-built products for:

  • Industrial vehicles.
  • Commercial vehicles.
  • Transit buses.

Almott’s heavy duty, brushless alternators are best suited for applications demanding high output at idle, coupled with very high efficiencies.

Almott Offers:

1. More affordable products

  • A lower initial price for “drop-in” replacement alternators.
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs due to reduced bearing wear on their alternators.
  • Reduced lifetime costs due to a 24 month warranty.


2. Higher performance alternators

  • Higher output over the complete performance curve.
  • Fuel savings of approximately $306 per year (on an urban operation schedule).
  • Less rotor inertia, resulting in fuel savings and increased belt life.


3. Experienced local support team

  • US based team for expert technical service and support from people that know the alternator business.
  • Local inventory; quick response capability.

A Company with Better Products for Transit Buses

Get to know your alternator manufacturer; get comfortable with the quality workmanship of a professional team, top to bottom.

  • Almott was founded in 2003.
  • Patented and designed high output alternators for North America transit bus market.
  • Product output range – 200 to 900 amps (12, 24, 48 & 96V).
  • Mount type: J180, PAD, T1, CRADLE.
  • Manufacturing is completed in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.
  • 100 + Employees.
  • ISO quality certified.
  • North American sales, application & service.

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