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At Elreg, we know industrial equipment.

And we want to share as much of our knowledge with you as we can by providing you with expertise and access to some of the industry’s best equipment.

We carry two different types of solenoid switches to cover all your industrial and commercial needs.

metal solenoid switch
metal solenoid switch
plastic solenoid switch
plastic solenoid switch

Metal Case and Plastic Case Switches From Elreg

Elreg Distributors offers a diverse range of heavy duty solenoid switches.

These industry leading products include our metal case and plastic case solenoid switches to help your fleets and equipment operate smoothly all year long.

Solenoid Brands We Carry AMETEK

We represent only one quality manufacturer for Solenoid Switches – Ametek Switch.

Ametek Switch is world renown for their development and manufacturing of quality solenoids, switches and contactors for virtually every industry worldwide. There switches range from 6 to 48 volts and come in many different configurations for mounting as well as terminals.

Industries We Proudly Serve

Elreg Distributors carries a large supply of heavy duty solenoid switches to serve a wide range of industries.

So no matter what application you need solenoid switches for, we have something that will help you optimize your operations.

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With so many types of solenoid switches, brands, and industries, figuring out what part you need can be a daunting task.

Let us help. Bring all of your questions to us, and let our experts help you every step of the way.

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