Everything You Need to Know About Ametek Solenoid Switches

Fleet of Trucks in a row - Select Everything You Need to Know About Ametek Solenoid Switches Everything You Need to Know About Ametek Solenoid Switches

Ametek solenoid switches, formerly made by Prestolite Electric, are top-quality, reliable parts that will keep all the vehicles in your fleet starting and running smoothly for a long time to come. Wondering what it is that goes into a solenoid switch? Here are a few things about solenoid switches that will explain why it’s so important to stock your shelves with a top brand like Ametek.

What are solenoid switches used for?

Solenoid switches may run a number of things on your fleet’s trucks, but the most common use for a solenoid switch is to operate the starter. Having a high-quality, reliable part, then, is of prime importance. A good solenoid switch will ensure that your drivers don’t get stranded with a vehicle that won’t start, creating holes in your coverage and delaying operations.

How Does a Solenoid Switch Work?

The purpose of a solenoid switch is to connect a device to a large power source — in the most common automotive example, to connect the starter with a direct connection to the battery. A small amount of power is used to activate the solenoid. The coil inside the solenoid generates a magnetic field, which closes the circuit and powers the starter.

The solenoid switch is therefore a fairly simple design, but it’s important for it to be well-constructed if it’s going to be able to start the vehicle for many months to come. Buying top quality, such as Ametek solenoid switches, is therefore a necessity for the proper maintenance of your fleet.

The Importance of the Case

Because there is not a whole lot else that can go wrong in a solenoid switch, the case is one of the most important parts. A good case protects the inner workings of the solenoid and keeps it operating for a long time to come. Ametek solenoid switches come with two different kinds of cases, metal and plastic:

  • Metal cases: These cases are the most durable, obviously, and are therefore the best choice if the solenoid is going to be exposed to a lot of road debris, road salts, and anything else that could damage the case over time. A metal case will do a better job of protecting the inner workings of the solenoid.
  • Plastic cases: For applications where the solenoid isn’t exposed to a lot of corrosives or other damaging elements, a plastic case is the more economic way to go. Ametek’s solenoid switches are more affordable when they are made with plastic cases, and can handle a higher level of voltage.

Long Life

Because of the nature of a solenoid switch, as long as the outer casing remains intact they should last for a long time. Most Ametek solenoid switches are rated for 50,000 cycles, with some of them even promising a lifespan of 100,000 cycles. For your fleet, this means fewer breakdowns, and less down time while your vehicles’ solenoid switches are replaced.

Where can I buy Ametek Solenoid Switches?

Solenoid switches are small parts that are easy to take for granted until they fail. It may not happen often, but when it does, it’s best to be prepared with a selection of high-quality parts that will ensure the problem won’t recur for a long time to come.

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