How to Ensure That Your Alternator is in Good Condition

Close up of GPS in Fire truck - How to Ensure That Your Alternator is in Good Condition

Ensuring the components of your alternator are in good condition will help improve the longevity of your alternator. Here, we dive into how to do it!

Electricity Uses in Heavy-Duty Vehicles

The alternator produces electricity, which is routed to your heavy-duty vehicle’s systems and accessories.  More and more vehicle accessories are being used today, such as:

  • GPS
  • Satellite Radio
  • Cell phone and tool chargers
  • Automation technology
  • & More

These accessories will contribute towards using and draining your vehicle’s energy. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure the alternator, battery and voltage regulator, which are responsible for powering your vehicle’s accessories and systems, are kept in good condition and are well maintained.

Beyond the Battery

Many people mistakenly believe it is the battery alone that powers your equipment.  While your machinery is running, the alternator produces electricity that is routed to your vehicle’s systems. The alternator’s electrical current helps recharge the battery.  The voltage regulator ensures that:

  • The system doesn’t over-charge the battery
  • The correct voltage is maintained in your vehicle

Therefore, it is actually these three parts (the battery, alternator and voltage regulator) that keep your car powered.

How to Prolong the Life of Your Alternator

There are a number of steps you can take to increase the life of your alternator:

  • Ensure the posts and cable connections on your battery are free of corrosion.  Corrosion on these parts may result in the charge having difficulties travelling from the battery to the alternator
  • Check your battery’s connection once every 2 – 3 weeks
  • Ensure your drive belt is in good condition.  Do this by looking for signs of wear or deterioration on the drive belt.  If you notice cracking, peeling or other signs of wear you should replace the belt.

Properly caring for your alternator by ensuring the parts like the alternator pulley are well maintained will improve the life of your alternator and ensure your vehicle runs smoothly.

Need Alternator Components?

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