Everything you should know about Delco Remy alternators

You can’t get better security than having Delco Remy alternators on your shelves and in your commercial vehicles. With the combination of their long-life design, their high efficiency output, and their impact on your vehicles’ fuel efficiency, your fleet will suffer less down time and require less maintenance once you make the switch to Delco Remy.

Interested in buying Delco Remy alternators for your fleet (school bus, industrial equipment, fire truck or other vehichles) Here is everything you need to know about their high-output alternators.

Alternators that Last Longer

Delco Remy has a high-output alternator design that eliminates the use of brushes inside their alternators. Since brushes are the source for much of the wear, and therefore often the reason for failure in a traditional alternator, the brushless design contributes to a much longer life. As a result, your fleet will require less maintenance, the vehicles will suffer less down time, and you’ll spend less on keeping the vehicles up and running.

High-Output, High-Efficiency

Delco Remy’s high-output alternators feature Remote Sense technology, which enables them to detect the actual charge in the battery and increase or decrease output as needed. As a result, they can charge the battery up to twice as fast as other alternators. For your fleet, this means fewer and less severe voltage drops, faster recovery, and fewer charging problems.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Anything that runs off a vehicle’s engine will impact fuel consumption, as it is yet another part or system of parts for the engine to drive. Therefore, anything that can reduce the load your alternator puts on the engine will result in improved fuel efficiency. The superior features offered by Delco Remy alternators — such as their brushless design, with fewer moving parts, and their high-efficiency, high-output design with faster charging time — result in less work for the engine, and ultimately less fuel required to operate the vehicle. In fact, Delco Remy reports that switching to an efficient alternator can pay for itself in well under a year, based on the expected savings in fuel. Use Delco Remy’s fuel economy calculator to find out how much money your fleet can save on fuel by installing more efficient alternators in your vehicles.

When deciding whether to make the switch to high-efficiency, high-output alternators in your fleet, it may be helpful to think about the advantages for your fleet and your company. The efficient design and longer life will mean fewer problems, less maintenance, and improved fuel economy, all of which make it easier for you to keep the fleet well within your budget, and for your drivers to do their jobs. Contact us today to request a quote for Delco Remy alternators for your fleet.