Interesting Facts about Marine Alternators

Cargo Ship - Interesting Facts about Marine Alternators

Marine alternators are an important part of any boat, especially heavy-duty boats and emergency services watercraft. Without a working alternator, a boat simply cannot run, which is why it’s important to purchase your parts from a reliable distributor. At Elreg, we specialize in supplying our customers with the highest quality marine alternators in the industry, and we offer them at affordable prices.

The Importance of Marine Alternators

There are many types of heavy-duty boats that require perfectly working parts in order to operate daily. Fishing boats, barges, search and rescue boats, the sea police and customs and border patrol vessels are just a few examples of watercraft that rely on dependable alternators. Don’t take the risk of installing a marine alternator that isn’t top of the line because you may be risking breakdowns, safety hazards and the inability to perform your job.

3 Interesting Marine Alternator Facts

Did you know marine alternators are…

  1. Often made with materials that resist corrosion, especially alternators that are made for saltwater vessels. Salt causes the materials to corrode faster than they would if they were only exposed to fresh water or to Oxygen, so marine alternators manufactured for saltwater boats must be extra strong and withstand the harsh environment.
  2. Designed to be explosion-proof. This is a necessary safety precaution and ensures that the boat will not be in any danger of catching on fire.
  3. Available for gas or diesel marine engines.

Work With a Reputable Supplier Today

Ensuring that your marine alternator is reliable is a matter of safety and a matter of being able to conduct business and do your job. At Elreg, we specialize in supplying high-quality marine alternators for a variety of heavy-duty watercraft, and we are proud of the industry relationships we’ve built during more than 30 years of business.

Invest in top-of-the-line alternators for your watercraft and give your boat the parts it deserves. To get more information on our marine alternators, contact Elreg today!