Keeping your passengers warm through the coming winter

Your passengers are your customers.

Repeat customers are the center of every business, and yours is no different.

Keeping your passengers warm in the winter is one of the best ways to turn them into repeat customers.

It’s particularly important when you have ambitious ridership numbers to maintain month over month.

That means reliable equipment keeping the heat pumping no matter how low the temperature dips.

What type of heater booster pump (if any) does your shop stock so your vehicles can keep up with the frigid weather?

What is a heater booster pump?

Heater booster pumps are the most important piece of engineering dedicated to keeping continuous and even coolant flow to the multiple auxiliary heaters in your vehicles.

Generally, the circulator pump on your engine needs help, which comes in the form of a heater booster pump, circulating the glycol through the bus.

A steady flow of glycol ensures heating throughout the bus is even and comfortable for all your passengers. If the flow is interrupted or inconsistent, passengers will experience cold spots and moist, stagnant air.

Heater booster pumps are common across the northern hemisphere in:

  • School buses
  • Coaches
  • Inter-city buses

We also fill a large volume of orders for various Arboc, Navistar, Ford and GM truck chassis.

Heater booster pumps can work into your system in this standard configuration:

A reliable choice for your fleet, whether you work in the cold or the COLD

MP-Pumps manufactures reliable heater booster pumps.

Keep your passengers warm and comfortable from the first cold fall day, through the icy winter and into the warming spring.

For transit bus and highway coach applications:

For school bus, shuttle bus, accessible bus applications, Arboc, Navistar, Ford and GM chassis applications:

Stock your parts so your shop can upgrade/replace quick

Maintaining a stock of heater booster pumps in your maintenance shop ensures your vehicles are never on the sidelines waiting for a part to get delivered.

As soon as your existing parts show signs of deterioration, you can schedule maintenance to swap them out.

That keeps your buses warm and productive and your riders happy.

When your buses are on the road, they’re working to increase ridership – and that’s the most important thing.

Place a bulk order today and we’ll deliver anywhere in the world.