The Best Alternator for Vehicles with Increased Electrical Loads

Commercial and industrial fleets are switching to more trucks that operate on increased electrical loads. Higher output alternators offer the necessary larger amperage capacity to run these vehicles, but many operations lack the needed replacement parts. Knowing what parts to keep on hand is a major part of keeping all vehicles in the fleet operational and in the field.

Better Alternators Offer Better Performance

Fleet managers often want better gas mileage, lower maintenance costs and the longest possible battery life. Better alternators help deliver these results along with fewer jump-starts.

The Delco Remy 40SI alternator is one of the best options out there for those seeking an alternative to traditional, brush-type alternators. With this simple change in spec, fleets are improving efficiency and up-time.

Say Goodbye to Brushes

Standard spec, brush-type alternators have a shorter lifespan, making the move to the brushless 40SI seem like a no-brainer.

Compared to other alternators in its class, the 40SI offers the highest output at low speeds. This helps preserve battery life by helping to recover a full charge without running at higher speeds. The 40SI offers three different mounting options, allowing it to work in a variety of vehicles. This upgrade to a brushless alternator gets rid of high output, minimal life brush-type alternators.

Along with the performance upgrades, this brushless alternator offers a three-year, 350,000-mile warranty. Compared to the standard 100,000-mile warranty on brush-type alternators it is a clear winner.

The 40SI offers better performance, greater utility in a variety of vehicles and a longer lasting warranty, making it a cost-effective decision to upgrade.

Brushless Alternators Last Longer

Less horsepower equals less fuel consumption. Alternators that are more fuel-efficient use less power to generate electricity. Opting for better output at lower speeds translates into better battery recovery times and more efficient power use. All of this creates several benefits, including:

  • Longer battery life
  • Extended alternator life
  • Fewer failures resulting in jump-starts
  • Fuel savings

More fleets are using day cabs with three battery systems than ever. When the 40SI is part of the spec, fleets can use their trucks longer without time off for maintenance.

In many day cab applications, vehicles start as many as 70 times per day. As a result of the lower costs associated with running on a brushless alternator, more fleet owners and managers are switching to the Delco Remy 40SI 240, 275, 300 and 320 amp units to supply the increasingly high electrical output needed for these vehicles.

Using these 40SI alternators as a replacement for traditional brush-type alternators is a great way to keep your trucks running well and at lower cost.

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