All You need to Know About Delco Remy and Remy International

Elreg Distributors has been associated with Delco for generations, creating a lasting relationship that builds quality products. In order to continue to build innovative products, we must look at our history for guidance.

The Evolution From Delco To Remy International

The Delco brand is associated with powertrain, drivetrain and electrical products for original-equipment manufacturers (OEM) and the aftermarket. Founded by Charles Kettering and Edward Deeds, this American company was a pioneer in the early 20th century, helping pave the way for the automotive industry.

Back in 1913, the Remy Electric Company used an experimental garage for research and development. Some of their projects included:

• Car chassis rework
• Remy Magneto racing development
• Product placement and educational forums
• Drafting department concepts and innovations

The early experimental garage was then used as a basis for future developmental facilities. For example, in 1982 Delco-Remy developed a display of zinc nickel batteries for the General Motors World of Motion pavilion at the Disney Epcot Center. Without the strong history of prioritizing research and development, it’s tough to imagine that new projects would have such well-spread success.

What’s in a Name

Although the Delco name is used across multiple platforms, they should not be confused with one another:

• Remy International Inc. – a supplier of starter motors, fuel injectors, alternators, rebuilt engines and rebuilt transmissions for automotive and heavy-duty vehicles
• AC Delco – General Motor’s aftermarket business, including spark plugs and batteries
• Delco – radios and other electronic products sold by Delphi Electronics and Safety, formerly called Delphi Delco Electronics

While Delco remains as the parent company, Remy International Inc.’s affiliation with the name has helped it improve sales and distribution. This increase shows that customers keep investing in the Delco brand because of its association with reliability, durability and longevity.

International Facilities

Remy International, Inc. is an American manufacturer, remanufacturer, and distributor of light duty starters,alternators, hybrid power technology, and heavy-duty systems. Remy International Inc. has facilities in eleven countries, including Belgium, Germany, Hungary, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico and Tunisia.

Heavy-Duty Products

General Motors licenses the Delco Remy brand for the sale of Remy International Inc.’s heavy-duty products. The company sells products as components for new vehicle production in addition to replacement parts through various distributors and original equipment dealerships around the globe.

Award-Winning Powertrain Solutions

In 2015, BorgWarner acquired Remy International Inc. The acquisition has delivered even more value to customers, by providing award-winning innovations to drive the automotive industry forward.

BorgWarner’s technologies have been developed to improve fuel economy, reduce emissions and enhance performance. Adding Remy brand alternators, starters, motors and electric traction motors, they’ve been able to provide even more innovative system solutions.

Manufacturing Alternators in Mexico

BorgWarner has invested in its plant located in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, which produces Delco Remy brand starters and alternators for customers worldwide. The priorities of the facility include:

• Next-generation products
• Infrastructure upgrades
• Advanced training

The San Luis Potosi Plant produces over 2.5 million units per year. The efforts of the leadership team have helped the Delco Remy brand improve efficiency, increase cycle times and heighten customer satisfaction.

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