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Product Description

This 50DN Alternator incorporates the latest drive end housing and front seal service kit part #10524488. The new design represents an improvement over the previous retainer, seal, gasket, and bolt assembly. The alignment service tool required previously is also eliminated. Delco has superseded all complete belt driven 50DN new service generator production to this updated design as of 2009.08.19. This new revision can replace all previous belt driven 24 volt 50DN versions that incorporated the previously used 1988307 front drive end housing.

The Delco 50DN Alternator has been around for a long time and is tried and proven in the Transit Bus and Coach industries. It has gone through many revisions and this latest is available from Elreg under part #402-8600191. This alternator has the following specifications:

  • Maximum Speed: 6,500 rpm Continuous / 7,000 rpm Intermittent.
  • Rotation: Clockwise or Counterclockwise.
  • Temperature Limits: 250°F (121°C).
  • Performance Output: 270 Amps @ 24 volts.
  • Weight: 100 lbs (45.3 kg).
  • Mounting: Radius pad or cradle.
  • Required Oil Flow: Up to 2.0 gal/min (provide minimum 1” drain line) positive vent connection.

This alternator also has a lot of benefits over traditional alternators:

  • It produces 75% of its output at engine idle.
  • Completely sealed which keeps out the environment.
  • Durable brushless design.

Product Details

Used onTransit Buses & Highway Coaches.

Delco: 8600191, 1117167, 1117707, 1117708, 1117799, 1117852, 1117853, 1117863, 1117864, 1117878, 1117879, 10459123, 8700077
NEW FLYER: 261018, 381517
PREVOST (NOVA): 56-2234, 381517, 562234, 562234, 563437
OBI (ORION): 070502006
GILLIG: 51-67162-000, 5167162000

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