What Impacts the Lifespan of Your Alternator (and What to Do About It)

No matter what industry you’re in – commercial trucking & refrigeration, mining industry or even transit bus transportation – one thing is consistent: Your vehicles work hard; usually for extended periods of time and under less than ideal weather or road conditions. Compounding the stress your alternator experiences is that it’s exposed to the elements. […]

3 great alternatives to the leading alternator for Highway Coaches

For over 30 years, Elreg has been a major supplier of new alternators. Elreg prides itself in supplying 100% factory-tested high-quality products, even under the most extreme operating conditions. The newly released Elreg alternators operate just like the leading brand, and they’re changing the game. Whatever your needs are, one of these three new alternators are […]

How to save money and keep your older vehicles on the road

Most fleets are made of a combination of older and newer vehicles. The newer vehicles are straightforward and reasonably affordable to maintain, but the older vehicles get more challenging and expensive to repair every year. There are cost effective ways to maintain these older vehicles, and some are more advisable than others. Many buyers look […]

Switching to a Gear Reduction Starter

A successful switch to a gear reduction starting motor requires three things: The right design. An OE spacer. The integrated magnetic switch relay. Gear reduction starters are smaller, faster, more powerful and energy efficient. So follow these steps to retrofit your old technology. The right design Gear reduction starters from Delco Remy, for example, use […]

Alternator as Battery Maintainer

Delco Remy has prepared this information and we wanted to share it with you. The vehicle charging system is comprised of three components: The alternator The battery The cabling connecting the alternator and battery These three components make up the charging system on any vehicle, large or small. Each component depends on the other. If […]

Troubleshooting Heavy Vehicle Electrical Issues

Print This Troubleshooting Flowchart and post it somewhere in your shop. There’s a saying: Skip 1 step and you add 5 later. So when you run into problems with your heavy vehicle electrical system, follow the steps in this flowchart to the letter. It’s the fastest, most reliable way to work through the possibilities and […]

Are OEM Alternators Worth Buying?

OEM alternators can be more expensive than aftermarket alternators, and the price disparity causes many businesses to opt for the cheaper option. But you might be getting just that – a cheap option. Why cheap alternators are the wrong choice Aftermarket alternators are sold as less expensive OEM replacements, but they aren’t always good replacements […]

Why Businesses Prefer Denso Starters

Denso has over 6 decades experience supplying premium electrical components to automakers, businesses, municipalities, utilities and other industries. The original Denso gear-reduction starter is actually recognized as the industry benchmark, designed so intelligently that it can be easily adapted to use in the harsh engine conditions of formula 1 racing. Lowest return rates in the […]